DIY Festive Grapevine Wreath

I believe it was the ancient Greeks that traditionally made festive wreaths to mark special occasions and celebrations. Bay laurel wreaths crowned Olympic champions as a sign of victory.

Grapevines are my favourite type of wreath to make. I made this huge grapevine circle to form a wreath and wrapped it around itself using the last of the grapevines from my backyard.

Grapevine wreath

It’s natural simplicity makes it perfect to decorate it with anything, without using a glue gun or pins or anything! I like it because you can change the themes easily, because nothing is permanent. For Halloween I put black rubber snakes throughout it.

For a more festive theme now that the snow is coming I am going to fill it with greenery.

Grapevine wreath with greenery

I used pine twigs because the natural curve of the branches seem to naturally follow the form of the wreath. I also used rosehips and berry branches I pruned from one of my shrubs to add some berry colour. I didn’t need to use a glue gun or have to pin anything, I just weaved it into the grapevine and it stays there naturally. I usually work on a wreath facedown on a table and then hang it up to put the finishing touches on it, but I decorated the grapevine wreath while it was hanging because it is so big.  I hung the grapevine wreath with a branch it curled around itself and slipped it though the crack on the gate, but you could use any kind of hook or ribbon.

You can get creative and use what you have access to, or buy lights, ribbon or add your own accessories for themes. I like mine au natural of course.

Grapevine festive wreath for gate

This grapevine wreath greets everyone at my front gate. I will add some ribbon or other greenery I find interesting, and I can change it up at a moment’s notice making it ez-pz!

I thought I would update a picture of the grapevine wreath decked out with red velvet ribbon and bow with a jingle bell ornament.

Holiday Christmas Grapevine Wreath

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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