Sacred Heart Kaleidoscope

Sacred Heart

The sacred heart took me on an incredible journey. I had no idea that superimposing heart shapes on one another created another sacred geometric shape known as the merkabah. The Merkabah is the three-dimensional (and beyond) star of David, which is two triangles on top of each other that create the two-dimensional star shape. The merkabah is the chariot of the heart and love is the fuel.

Other shapes that I found in the heart are circles and diamonds. The circles on the tops of the hearts quickly turned into Infinity symbols for me. Infinity symbols look like sideways figure eights. The heart is definitely eternal!

Sending out eternal love vibrations to you! <<<<<<<<<Happy Holidaze!


One Comment to “Sacred Heart Kaleidoscope”

  1. that explains all the dual-colored hexagons;) much light

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