Wisteria vine

The Wisteria vine has started to bloom!

Wisteria is the Latin Genus name and then there are a variety of different species.

They are woody vine climbers from the pea family (Fabaceae).

Wisteria perfumes the air with its delicious smell, and some varieties are edible and made into wine.

I have grown vines from seed, but they take over 7 years or more to bloom. propagation by cutting is faster. The long hairy seed pod has 2-3 or more seeds. When it dries it curls and pops the seeds out the pod with a loud bang, which woke me out of a sleep one time.

Wisteria grows fast and needs strong support to climb on.

Wisteria needs a bit of pruning into shape by cutting the curly spiral ends off, but it is well worth the effort!

I wish you could smell this right now, it is intoxicating!

I have to replace the wooden arch because it is getting crushed. I’m going to use something stonger, like wrought iron for endurance.

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