West Coast B.C. Devil’s club is Strong Medicine

I thought I would share some pictures of the beautiful scenery of British Columbia, Canada.

In Vancouver biked around the sea wall and then travelled up to see Shannon Falls and Brandywine Falls on the way to Whistler Blackcomb to do some biking, hiking, paddle boarding and saw Crankworx!

On some nature hikes I noticed Devil’s club growing everywhere, it is very common in the northwest. It is so big and thorny it is best to avoid it, it’s called Devils’s club for a good reason! The barb stings are very painful and the red berries are poisonous!

 In herbal medicine it is called the Ginseng of the North West and goes well with Ginsengs in an adaptogenic Tincture formula. It is a pancreatic tonic. Wear gloves when you harvest the root or rhizomes and try to avoid the thorns on the leaves and bark.

It is strong medicine so consult a qualified practitioner before taking it. Caution is advised!

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Common Name  Devil’s club root
Latin Name  Oplopanax   horridus
Family Araliaceae
Parts Used perennial thorny shrub root/ rhizome avoid thorns
Target Organs pancreas, immune
Common Uses diabetes,  pancreatic, pain, arthritis, stops milk flow, colds, TB, infections
Properties Adaptogen,   analgesic, alterative, emmenagogue, hypoglycaemic, pancreatic, nutritive,   antimicrobial,  tonic, laxative purgative,
Constituents saponins,   glycosides, flavonoids, ascorbic acid, tannin,
Cautions Medium Strength: Purgative emetic in large doses.

Potent herb: Use 15% and combine with demulcents in a formula.   Red Berries are poisonous

Dosage Tincture:   2-4ml

Tea: 2 tsp


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