Roses for you

I have finished pressing the herbal tinctures that I’d made on the supermoon. I am pressing them a month later on the lunar eclipse in the middle of the transit of Venus. These celestial blessed herbal tinctures are so healing, nutritious, and delicious I could not have planned it better!

These mini-roses bloomed today in the front yard and it reminded me of Venus and the sun together as one. The masculine Sun and Venus the feminine, a balancing act of cosmic love artistry.

In honour of the return of the divine feminine Venus, named after the goddess of love and beauty, I am making a rose petal tincture and essence.

What better symbol for love is there on earth than Rose~ Queen of the flowers! The roses in these pictures are from my garden, and some are from Florida Botanical Gardens when I went there in 2008.

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Common Name  Rose hips/ flowers
Latin Name  Rosa spp.
Family Rosaceae
Parts Used Perennial- Collect flower petals during growing season. Roses lay dormant in colder climates. Collect rosehips in the Fall. Essential oil made from flowers. 
Target Organs Digestion, Central Nervous System, Nerves, Skin
Common Uses Aphrodisiac, perfume, debility, exhaustion, nutritive, inflammation, skincare,

Rosehips, rosewater, are used in cooking and beverages

Properties Aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antiseptic, euphoric, antispasmodic, nutritive, astringent, mild laxative, vulnerary, diuretic, anti-inflammatory,
Constituents Essential oil : Esters: geranyl acetate, citronellyl acetate, neryl acetate, 

Sesquiterpene alcohol: farnesol, 

Aldehydes: benzaldehyde

Monoterpene alcohols: Citronellol 15-20%, geraniol 10%, linalool, nerol 15%, cedrol, linlool


Monoterpenes: a+b pinene, limonene, camphene, b-caryophyllene, citronellal, p-cymene


Damask rose: a-damascenone, B-damascenone, B-damscone, B-ionone, rose oxide


Other: vitamin C, tannin, pectin, carotene, fruit acids

Cautions Do not use during pregnancy. Thorny plant, caution while harvesting.
Dosage Tincture: 1-4ml Tea: 1-2 tsp



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