DIY Lavender Bundles

I call this craft lavender bundles, but they are known as Lavender “bottles” or “rattles.” These beautiful smelling decorations freshen up linen drawers and closets.

What you will need :

18-22 (always choose an even number) supple fresh stalks of lavender in full flower just picked

2 feet (about) of satin ribbon, 1/4 inch wide works best, in colour of your choice.


Gather the lavender stems together with the flower tops even and level.

Tie the stems with one end of the ribbon just below the flowers.

Turn the flower bunch upside down and carefully bend the stalks down so that they cage the flower heads.

Space out the stems in pairs and weave the free end of the ribbon over and under the alternate pairs of stems to enclose the flowers.

Pull the ribbon tighter at the top and bottom so that the center looks fuller.

Tie the ribbon in a knot and bow to finish the ends, and add more ribbon with a bow.

Trim the stalks. Voila!

Place the bundle in a drawer or closet to scent clothes and linens, and help to deter moths, and insects. Hang these lavender bundles anywhere to freshen, and clean the air. I like squeezing them like a stress ball, 🙂 squeezing the bundle helps to release the scent.

These bundles will hold their aroma a long time, but you can add a couple of drops of essential oil in the end to spruce it up. Enjoy!


4 Responses to “DIY Lavender Bundles”

  1. Thanks for this craft. Another use for my Lavender plants.

  2. Thanks to my father who informed me about this web site, this blog is actually remarkable.


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