DIY Floral Waters

These types of floral waters are different from hydrosols. A Hydrosol is the water part that has been separated from the essential oil part of a plant during the distillation process.

These DIY floral waters are cold water infusions that you can make at home if you have these flowers around the garden or are able to wildcraft them. If you don’t grow them or wildcraft them you can buy them dried. Use floral waters as a wash or compress to cleanse and heal wounds, as a skin toner, aftershave, face wash, and in many other recipes.

Gather and pick the flowers. I picked lavender, rose, yarrow flowers for their wonderful smell and healing abilities. Fill a glass mason jar 1/4 to 1/3 full of flowers and add water. Screw the lid on the jar and shake it vigorously. Let it steep overnight. Next day shake it again, and strain it through an unbleached fabric coffee filter or fine unbleached muslin, cotton, or hemp cloth.

Compresses: Use this floral water as a compress or wash for wounds. Pour on a face cloth or dip in a bowl, and bandage and dress wounds.

Drink Infusions: The rose-water infusion is drinkable and I love it mixed with mint. It is so cooling and refreshing in this summer heat.

Facial toner:

Witch hazel toner: Mix 3/4 floral water (rose, yarrow, lavender) with 1/4 witch hazel hydrosol for a face toner, or aftershave to tighten and refresh.

Cider vinegar toner: Mix 2 cups of (rose, yarrow, lavender) floral water infusion with 3 tablespoons of mint cider vinegar ( 2 tablespoons of mint (spearmint or peppermint) marinated in cider vinegar for a week and strained.) The vinegar acts as a preservative for longer shelf life, otherwise the waters are very delicate.

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