Feverfew Treats Migraine Headaches

Feverfew is best known for treating and preventing migraines and headaches. Approved in Canada and England to prevent migraines research concludes it is effective in reducing the pain, intensity, duration, and number of attacks in 70% of migraine cases studied. It is important to discuss and treat root causes of headaches and migraines, and to rule out more serious reasons. Common reasons for migraines and headaches are allergies, food allergies, anxiety, stress, depression, liver congestion, constipation, and toxicity. Know what your triggers are and work from there.


Feverfew is a medium strength remedy and caution is strongly advised because overeating fresh leaves may cause mouth ulcers. Eat 1-4 fresh leaves a day preferably in salads, or on a sandwich to avoid this. Use in tincture formulation with demulcent herbs, and avoid long-term use and high doses. Seek guidance from a professional health practitioner.

Common Name  Feverfew herb
Latin Name  Tanacetum parthenium
Family Asteraceae
Parts Used Perennial-herb leaves picked in summer during growing season
Target Organs/Areas Head, cardiovascular, lungs, digestion, reproductive, muscles, nerves
Common Uses Head: migraines, headaches,dizziness, tinnitus, pain, inflammation, relaxes, sedate,

Cardiovascular: relaxes,dilates blood vessels, inflammation, increases circulation, arthritis, colds, cramps, neuralgia, sciatica, fibromyalgia, tension,

Digestion: digestive stimulant, digestive bitter,

Female reproductive: amenorrhea, stimulant, spasmodic dysmenorrhea, PMS,

Properties anti-migraines, analgesic, antiseptic, vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, relaxant, sedative, digestive stimulant, digestive bitter, bitter, uterine stimulant, emmenagogue, 
Constituents Essential oil:  lactones- parthenolides, camphor, borneol, terpenes, esters; bitter resin, inulin (in root) gums, tannic acid, pyrethrin
Cautions Medium strength: Caution may cause mouth ulcers, use with demulcents. Avoid continous long-term use. May cause dermatitis. Avoid high doses. Do not use in pregnancy, breastfeeding.
Dosage Tincture: Best used in formulation combined with demulcents : 2-4ml             

Tea: 8g / 1 teaspoon Infuse 5-10 min

Eat: 1-4 fresh leaves a day preferably in salads, or on a sandwich.

8 Comments to “Feverfew Treats Migraine Headaches”

  1. I have always been too afraid of the potential side effects to use Feverfew. I do have it growing outside and never used it. Have you? Wish I wasn’t such a chicken. 😦

  2. I make this for my husband who is plaqued with migraines – it works like gangbusters!

  3. I have used it, these pics are from my garden. Start out eating 1 fresh leaf and it should be ok in a salad, but caution is advised especially if you are on pharmaceutical medication. No harm in being cautious and use it in small moderation.

  4. Feverfew Treats Migraine Headaches have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration

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