Infinity Symbol

The Infinity Symbol∞

In mathematics the sideways figure
eight ∞ translates as infinite. It is the infinity

In the Orient this spiral
symbol is the Tibetan energy ring. 

 In yogic tradition it is
the two curving lines called kundalini that encase the
chakras. The lines are represented by two animals usually
snakes, serpents, peacocks or elephants with their trunks
raised reaching up to a sundisk or winged object and
represents energy rising.

In Western culture the two serpents crossing up a middle staff with wings on the top represents the
symbol for medical institutions called the caduceus. 


Also called the Celtic weave, because it resembles the old Celtic weave drawings of the infinity
sign, it is also represented by the symbol of the serpent
eating its tail (known as the ourobouros) as a variation. The
Ourobouros is a sacred circle that represents a single cell in the
body or a symbol of life. 

The cell divides into the vesica
pisces which is two circles that represent the infinity
Rhythmic figure eights are the spiral
fractals of our body that weave energies together right down to
representing the prototype for DNA

The circle with a twist is an infinity sign. 


Tracing the infinity Sign with body and mind helps to integrate the two hemispheres of the brain.  It is a very
healing symbol to trace and draw it with both hands and air draw with all limbs. This symbol
helps hook up energies and speeds healing. Trace this symbol
for healing and integrating energy.

Excerpt from the
book Energy Medicine “The body’s energies spin, spiral, curve,
twist, crisscross, and weave themselves into patterns of
magnificent beauty. The equilibrium of this kaleidoscope of colors
and shapes is maintained by an energy system known by different
names to energy healers throughout the world. In the East, it has
been called the “Tibetan energy ring.” In yoga tradition, it is
represented by two curved lines that cross seven times,
symbolically encasing the seven chakras. In the West, it is seen in
the caduceus, the intertwined serpents on a staff—also crossing
seven times—associated initially with the Greek god Hermes, messenger for the gods, and
later used as a symbol in alchemy and then medicine. Like invisible
threads that keep all the energy systems
functioning as a single unit, patterns network throughout and
around our energy and body. These patterns also become embedded in
fields of thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, as
well as physcial, biological patterns. It is a living system,
continually weaving new cross-overs, ever expanding and
contracting. The double helix of DNA is this pattern in microcosm.
These crisscrossing energies permeating your body are the ‘connective
tissue’ of your energy system.” Donna Eden- Energy

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