DIY Face Oils

Many people ask me what I use as moisturizer for my face and are surprised when I tell them oil. They think oil clogs pores, but I find cream is just oil emulsified with a bunch of other “stuff” in it that I don’t need. I find cream clogs my pores and makes me break out my skin is so sensitive. Mineral oils like “baby oil” (Don’t use on babies) block pores because they are petroleum by-products that coat skin like a plastic cover and should always be avoided. Only use all natural cold pressed vegetable carrier oils and good quality essential oils and your skin will thank you!

Calendula oil steeping

This article from the untrained housewife is exactly what I use as moisturizer for my face including the essential oils.

I like using apricot, peach kernel and jojoba which is really a plant wax because it balances sebum production. It will be nice to add Calendula oil when it is ready. St. john’s wort oil is very healing and good for aches and pains as well as red and irritated faces.

I add essential oils in 1% dilution because the face is a delicate place and caution is always advised. I mainly use frankincense, lavender, geranium and petitgrain. I use chamomile for any redness or irritation. Sometimes I don’t even use essential oils. You can also wipe the oil off after massaging it in gently.

I will never buy face cream again and it is so simple to make yourself. Enjoy!

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His book L’Aromatherapie: Les Huiles Essentielles 1937

1930-40’s Professor Paolo Rovesti

Studied the effects of essential oils on the mind coined the term aromachology.

Jean Valnet- French Doctor- wrote the scientific books

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