DIY Aromatherapy Bath Recipes

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Aromatherapy Bath Recipe:

Mix together

½ cup baking soda,

1 cup Epsom salts,

½ sea salt, Dead sea salt or Himalayan salt 

5-10 drops of essential oil

Good for sore muscles, aches, pain and stress

Good essential oil combinations:

Black spruce and Lavender

Frankincense and Mandarin

Add 1 cup of mixture to each bath. Relax and enjoy!

Epsom salts increase magnesium levels in the body, which relax muscles, removes lactic and uric acid decreasing pain and spasms.

Himalayan and Dead Sea salts are for heavy detoxification, fluid balance, and treating infections and skin conditions.
*If you take a salt bath rinse off afterwards.

Baking soda helps prevent the toxins from re-absorbing.

Use this mixture as a body scrub if no bathtub is available.

Foot and Hand baths:  Soak hands or feet in essential oils with medium of your choice. Good to do if you have no bathtub.

Clay bath: Mix ¼- ½ cup of clay with 5-10 drops of essential oils.

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First draw the bath to the ideal temperature. Close windows and doors.

Mix essential oils with the medium of your choice like Epsom salts, himalayan or sea salt, baking soda, clay or any type of milk or oil and put in the bath.

Caution with Essential Oils in the Bath

Do not use essential oils undiluted in the bath, they will float on top of the water because they are not water-soluble, and may cause skin irritation. Dilute 5-7 drops of essential oil in a medium such as carrier oil, bath gel, clay, nutmilk, baking soda, Epsom or bath salts.

Caution: When using carrier oil in the tub it becomes very slippery so make sure you don’t slip and fall. Clean the tub after each use or a greasy ring will build-up when using carrier oil.

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