Gravel root/Joe-Pye Herb and Root

1. Spotted-joe-pye-weed, Aug 24 2003

Joe-pye or Gravel Root (Eupatorium purpureum) is related to the north american species boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) and chinese orchid grass (Eupatorium Pei Lan).

Sometimes Gravel root is called purple boneset, but do not confuse the two. They are related, but are different species. Gravel root grows in moist conditions like boneset does, but Gravel root is best known for its use as a urinary tonic, and boneset for its amazing ability to treat fevers.

Joe pye regulates fluid metabolism and addresses toxicity by moving it out of the kidney, bladder, urinary system. It has pain-relieving and cooling properties, making it good to use for urinary infections and painful urination. It is also used to harmonize the reproductive system for both sexes.

The name gravel root suggests that it is good to treat gravel kidney stones or sand in the urinary system. Obviously if kidney stones are too large they will be surgically removed, and if acute pain is present go to a hospital. This herb should be used under professional guidance.

1. Spotted-joe-pye-weed, Aug.24 03Spotted Joe-pye (Eupatorium maculatum)

1. Spotted-joe-pye-weed, August 24 03         Spotted Joe-pye herb growing in Canada.

Common   Name  Joe Pye / Gravel root
Latin Name  Eupatorium maculatum/ purpureum
Family Asteraceae
Parts Used perennial herb   blooms summer, harvest top part  summer   later part/fall root
Target Organs Urinary,   prostate, reproductive
Common Uses Urinary system: all urinary prostate conditions, prostate urinary tonic, gout, rheumatism, urinary incontinence, stones, oedema,    cystitis,Reproductive tonic: both sexes, delayed irregular
Properties prostate urinary tonic, diuretic, antiseptic, antilithic, relaxant, anaesthetic, astringent,   antirheumatic
Constituents .07% volatile   oil, resin, yellow flavonoids: euparin, eupatorin; oleoresin eupurpurin,   saponins, tannins, essential oil, calcium oxalate, albuminoids, wax
Cautions mild remedy use  caution with dryness present, best used with urinary demulcents
Dosage Tincture:  2-4 mls best taken in tincture formulation

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