How to Keep the Summertime Passion Without the Panic

It is summer time here in the Northern hemisphere.


In the Chinese Five Elements summer represents the most abundant time in nature and therefore houses the most organ meridian systems. In nature the cycle of summer rules the fire element because it is the hottest time in the cycle of seasons.


Summer is a hot, passionate time so the heart and the pericardium which is the sac that encases and protects the heart fall into this category.
Other organ meridian systems in this summer fire category are sex organs, the circulatory system which involves circulation, and the triple heater or burner as it is called is the immune, endocrine and nervous systems. The triple burner is an energy system in itself and it involves the upper, lower, and middle sections of the body making summer an important rhythm to understand. If the triple burner, meaning the immune, endocrine or nervous system is compromised it will have a negative impact on other organ system rhythm cycles and therefore affects the health of the whole body. The gland that is in this category is the pituitary gland, which is the master control panel for hormones.

Sometimes human characteristics will match the season element and are displayed in the way people walk and talk. People in the rhythm of summer have the mannerisms of being flamboyant, outgoing, and display an abundance of energy, spirit and passion. They are quick in pace, fast talkers with rapid fire movements and thoughts that make them dynamic and very attractive.

The human time frame is youth, but age is not really a consideration it is just the best example of when innocence and care-free times reign in excess. This rhythm involves all matters of the heart. The constructive side is loving and balanced without cheating, possessiveness or jealousy. The destructive side is that people mistake infatuation for love, and the constant need for good times may easily lead to addictions. All addictions and addictive behaviour fall into this category. Allergies are grouped in this category because all allergies involve immune imbalance.

The constructive emotion passion and joyful exuberance turns quickly to the destructive emotion panic and hysteria when there are no discerning boundaries or organization. People in this rhythm need to set priorities and healthy boundaries and make it a point to organize because over commitment may lead them to burnout or carve out negative destructive habits.


The imbalances in the summer season fire element affect the organ systems that are grouped in this category ; the heart, small intestine, sex organs, and nervous, immune and endocrine systems. The pathology of conditions that involve these organs include heart conditions, anxiety, insomnia, IBS, small intestine digestive problems, endocrine imbalances, autoimmune disorders and sexual issues. Heart attacks or heart problems show themselves more in the summertime.
Some symptoms that fall into this category are profuse sweating, a red-faced complexion, and aversion to heat or a feeling of being too hot.

In this summer rhythm it is good to nourish the heart and the other organs mentioned in this rhythm with a proper diet with whole natural foods and herbs.

Laughter is the constructive sound of this rhythm. It has been well documented that laughter eases stress. Laughter increases the activity of antibodies by 20% which help attack tumours and viruses. It is not about covering up issues with laughter but using laughter to ease stress on the body while getting a clearer perspective on problem solving.


“As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it.” Lao Tzu

The Chinese Five Elements is a very easy tool to use and is the basis for all energy work, martial arts, acupuncture, shiatsu, feng shui, natural therapies and has been used in all kinds of categories from cooking to astrology to military. The natural therapies of reflexology, energy exercises, Aromatherapy using designated essential oils will help manage stress while self-cultivating, changing habit field patterns and getting to the root of key issues.
Understanding your feelings and how it relates to your body in these rhythms helps to identify areas that need focus to balance health.

What season are you in?

Excerpts from: Essential Oils and the Five Elements: Easing Emotional Overload with Aromatherapy and Reflexology

Fire Summer Theme: Abundance and transformation

Human cycle: Youth/ Teen

Meridian/Organ systems: Summer Fire element displays the most abundant amount of organ systems/meridians:

Heart, pericardium, small intestine, (triple burner) – immune, nervous, endocrine,

sex organs, circulation,

Yang organs are small intestine,

Triple burner/warmer/heater (immune, endocrine, nervous systems)

Yin organs are the Heart, Circulation, sex organs, pericardium

Emotion: Joy, happiness, passion

that can turn to panic, anxiety, hysteria, mood swings, and confusion

Warrior movement: rapid fire, everywhere at once, flurry of activity, random, rising, flowing

Animal: Dragon. Fighting style is strong against Tiger, weak against Leopard.

SEASON: Summer
ORGANS: Small intestine, heart, pericardium/ circulation/ sex organs, Triple burner
GLAND: Pituitary
FLUID: Perspiration
SENSE: Touch
TISSUES: Blood vessels
EMOTION: Joy, happiness, passion that can turn to panic, anxiety
SOUND: Laughing

Anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic. ~Anais Nin

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