A Natural Bird Deterrent for Wind Turbines and Windows

Windows and wind turbines are a hazard to birds who cannot see them. If birds are flying into wind turbines and windows why not stick bird deterrent spider web stickers on them? These kind of stickers found at the nature and garden store works by bio-mimicry. Bio-mimicry is a new scientific term and science that copies nature or looks to natural elements and systems to solve problems. Nature of course has all the solutions.

imageThis web sticker idea bird deterrent works by simulating a spiders web design, which picks up a UV light spectrum that humans can’t see. Birds see this reflection or refraction and it acts a warning that something is there and to stay away. Spiders naturally spin webs in windows where birds will see the light refraction. The design of the web helps to breaks up the window reflecting trees, which the birds think is wide open forest.

These bird deterrent spider webs have inspired a German company to develop invisible paint using this UV spectrum designed after an Orb spider web. The paint is visible to the birds but invisible to us. Why not paint this UV paint on big turbines and windows and anything else that will endanger birds? Even though the paint is invisible I think the spider web design would be cool to look at too.


Instead of saying wind technology doesn’t work maybe it’s the design that needs  changing.

There are many new designs that are less costly, more efficient, and bird and human friendly.
Why not put sensors on wind socks to harvest energy? Wind socks of the world unite!image
This is one of the many new designs



2 Comments to “A Natural Bird Deterrent for Wind Turbines and Windows”

  1. This is great! I don’t need the invisible, I also think that the spider web design would be cool to look at. 🙂

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