The Dark History and Dangers of Coca-cola

Coca-cola the popular beverage drink used to be made with cocaine, which was considered a medicinal ingredient at the time. The cocaine was taken out around the turn of the century in 1903, but is still made up of decocanized coca leaves, which is the same plant that produces the illegal drug cocaine and is now referred to as coca extract. Other ingredients used to include the kola nut, a plant which has lots of caffeine and is where the name cola comes from for these popular types of drinks because it was used as a base. The Company claims they don’t use kola nut now, or can’t verify it because it claims it wants to keep the recipe secret, but there is still caffeine in Coke.
It also contains loads of sugar, which is high fructose corn syrup now and includes artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which have been linked to negative health effects. It now consists of phosphoric acid, high fructose corn syrup, caramel colour and other unknown ingredients may include pesticides.

Coca leaves are a native plant to Peru where the leaves are chewed medicinally or taken in a tea to relieve altitude sickness. The leaves have to be chemically altered to get cocaine the illegal drug stimulant. The coca leaves get shipped to an American company Stepan to be “treated” and the decocanized residue is sold to Coca-cola, but what does this company do with the cocaine part they take out? It used to go to the medical industry, which at one point considered it medicine, but where does the coke end up now?

There are many reasons to NOT drink Coke. It robs the bones of minerals and causes bone loss. A link has clearly been shown that it affects women more and causes oesteoarthritis. The acidity causes tooth decay and other health problems.
Read more about the negative consequences of drinking a coke.

The alleged pesticide use by this company in other countries like India have contaminated environments, the drink itself, and has led to water shortages, stealing much needed water from farmers. Coca-cola has had questionable labour practices including suppression of trade unions, monopolistic business practices, violation of intellectual property rights, poor environmental track record, and questionable marketing. The long, dark and controversial history of The Coca-cola company has been tied to Nazism, Eugenics, laundering and bribery and is too extensive to list, but further reading can be found here.

Coca-cola also funnelled money through the Grocery Manufacturing Association GMA to block initiatives for GMO labelling. Other brand names owned by the Coca-cola company are Powerade, Vitamin, Simply orange, Odwalla, Zico coconut water, Honest tea. There is a campaign to boycott Coke and these brands due to their secretive funding and anti GMO labelling stance. It’s very clear this company uses GMO’s and is doing everything they can to not let the consumer know.
Please join, share, sign the petition and boycott

Other questionable and controversial ingredients in coca cola-


The Coca-cola Santa Claus image of a bearded guy with a red and white furry suit that is now the popular representation of Santa comes from an image of a Siberian shaman.


Other Coke subliminal ad messages were more overt. This Coke advertisement “Feel the Curves” was made in 1995 and Coke had to recall the ad costing them over 200, 000 dollars because the shadow shapes on the ice cubes contained images of oral sex. Subliminal advertisement is now less overt than this blatant attempt, but it was a popular technique to airbrush sex and death wish images in silhouette shapes onto ice cubes and various other places in the ad, like how images were shadowed on the musculature of the body in the popular Levi’s jeans ads in the 80’s State of Mind.

Ultimately the choice is up to you, but buyer beware of what comes along with your purchase.


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