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Honey makes a great liquid base for elixirs

Anyone who can make a tincture also possesses the ability to turn that tincture into an elixir. Elixirs are modified tinctures that have most of the alcohol evaporated from the solution. This can be done a number of ways by matter of preference, and there’s advantages to each of them. If you’re unfamiliar with the tincturing process please read my instructional post and come back. As always, feel free to leave comments if something needs clarified. Today, I will explain how to make an elixir using hot water.

Elixirs are made by evaporating alcohol from a tincture and replacing the lost volume with honey or some type of herbal syrup. A tincture will retain potency for around 2-3 years. Though a tincture will never go rancid, the organic chemicals slowly degrade over time even in regular tinctures. Vitamin E oil is commonly used as a natural preservative…

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