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January 15, 2014

Winter Season the Five Elements and Essential Oils

The Winter season in the Chinese Five Elements is associated with the water element due to the abundance of water that falls in winter time that turns to snow and ice.  
The organ systems grouped in this season are the kidneys and bladder, which make up the urinary system wetlands.

The gland in this category are the adrenals, which sit on top of the kidneys on each side of the body. The adrenal glands secrete the hormone adrenaline, which is a necessary energy boost for the flight or fight body response when a threat is encountered.
The hypothalamus in the brain receives a danger warning, or an event triggers stress and the effects on the body are instantaneous.

This reaction sends a chemical messenger, which causes the hormone adrenaline, secreted by the adrenal medulla to release.
The eye pupils dilate, colour drains from the face as dry mouth and sweating begin.
The blood supply is cut off to organs like the stomach, which shuts down digestion functioning, and surface blood vessels constrict limiting blood supply. Muscle activity increases with heart and pulse rates so that it prepares the body to physically deal with danger or run away.

Sometimes the reaction is not to stay and fight or flee, but the body response becomes trapped in a frozen state of fear, which induces a paralysis that is incapacitating. Adrenaline is also produced in times of psychological stress, and if the production continues over long periods it has adverse effects on the body. If the body remains in a stressed state of being overexcited and remaining under pressure it causes stress related conditions like high blood pressure.


The destructive emotion in the winter cycle is fear, which is a hard wired survival mechanism, but draining if it is engaged constantly. There are short term threats that engage our flight-fight-or freeze mechanisms, but long term stress, chronic fears and phobias puts strain on the body. The real and imagined dangers must be divided and applied to what constitutes a true threat. Fear is important to establish boundaries in order to learn what is good and bad, but rationality must meet clear perception and awareness.  


The human time frame of winter is gestation and giving birth to babies, ideas and projects.  In the destructive winter water element stuck adults who act like babies are less cute than their tiny counterparts. They present a paranoid, fearful attitude and don’t know how to relax. They are unable to see how they affect others, because it is all about them and their needs. People in this rhythm need to feel nurtured and taken care of, even though they may be afraid of commitment and the future. Demanding special attention leads to a narcissistic expectancy, arrogance and a feeling of entitlement. They may play the victim to get their way and will do almost anything to attract the special attention they crave, even if it’s negative attention.


It takes the constructive emotion of courage to overcome fear and paranoia. If wise discerning caution turns to excessive irrational fear, love and courage will counter it. Love is always the answer. Love will help to muster the courage to defeat fears that keep you stuck and stagnating. Use wise discerning caution instead of fear to establish boundaries and stay away from people that drain your resources. Gather your own resources and do your own groundwork. Rejuvenate and embrace down-time, and learn how to relax in the moment. This season is about beginnings so spread the seeds of your ideas and nurture dreams. Overcoming fears means recognizing and analyzing the reasons for your fears. Embrace whatever it is that scares you instead of denying, running away or avoiding, which will only amplify the fear. Fears need the light of day shone brightly at it in order to be examined, faced and dissolved.
Behaviour modification will help phobias to fears such as heights, spiders and snakes, showing anyone can overcome anything if they are willing to put in the work and have the courage to make a change to be free from fear

Essential oils that help the adrenals and the kidney bladder urinary system and may be used to help overcome fears:
Juniper, Carrot Seed, Grapefruit, Goldenrod, Yarrow, Spruce, Pine


“Fear can stop you loving, love can stop your fear,
fear can stop you loving, but it’s not always that clear.” ~
Morcheeba – “Fear and Love” Lyrics:

“Fear And Love” was written
by Paul Godfrey, Ross Godfrey, Skye Edwards. Morcheeba – Fear And
Love Lyrics

November 12, 2013

The History of the Pinecone as a Symbol

The humble pinecone has always been a
powerful symbol of regeneration, nourishment 
enlightenment. Some of the earliest records are from
Ancient Sumerian palace carvings that date back to 713-716 BC which
depict winged gods holding pinecones and using them to pollinate
the tree of life. What other mysteries do they hold?

Sumerian god Marduk/ Dionysus

Sumerian god / Dionysus

Dionysus, the Greek god of winemaking
and ecstasy, later known as ‘Bacchus’ to the Romans was known to
carry a staff topped with a pinecone called a ‘Thyrsus.’ The
pinecone is also found on the Egyptian staff of Osiris,
depicts two intertwining serpents, like kundalini rising or like the caduceus symbol of medicine in the West.

Egyptian Staff-of-Osiris Egyptian museum Turino Italy 1224 BC

Egyptian Staff-of-Osiris Egyptian museum Turino Italy 1224 BC

In India in Hindu tradition
Kundalini energy shows two spiralling snakes
wrapping around the seven chakras rising up along the spine into
wings, which represents the path to enlightenment. Chakras are an
energy system, and the snakes that encase the chakras represent
another energy system, kundalini but also associated with the infinity symbol. The
infinity symbol is the prototype for DNA and means infinite life.
In Celtic tradition it’s represented in the ancient weave
carvings of the infinity symbol.

Learn more about the infinity symbol-

A statue of the Mexican god
‘Chicomecoatl’ which means seven snakes, has a pinecone in one hand
and an evergreen tree in the other.Mexican god

There is also a pinecone on the
Pope’s staff, and the largest pinecone in the world is a
bronze sculpture located in Vatican Square in the
Courtyard of the Pinecone.

Pigna in Pinecone Courtyard, Vatican

Pigna in Pinecone Courtyard, Vatican

Legend has it that Romans built an
enormous bronze pinecone they called ‘Pigna’ which stood on
top of the Pantheon and acted as a lid for the round opening in the
centre of the buildings vault. It is confirmed the
pinecone was part of an overflowing fountain next to the
temple of Isis. Pinecone symbols adorn candle holders and
lamps in the Church as a symbol for the source of illumination.
Pinecones are found in Freemason art and sculptures. Pinecones
appear on the ceilings of Masonic temples and lodges, and in
architecture like the one on display in the Financial District in
New York on the side of the Whitehall building, which depicts two
spiralling serpents rising to meet a pinecone overlooking Battery

Masonic-Pine-Cone-Caduceus whitehall nyMasonic sculpture Caduceus
with pinecone, Whitehall NY

DIY Pinecone Ornaments

Pinecones resemble the structure of
the pineal gland aka epithalamus, which is located in the
centre of our brain and is an unpaired structure. It
is isolated from the blood brain barrier while it receives a large
percentage of blood flow. The pineal gland which is
pronounced (‘pine’ eel) has been referred to as the seat
of the soul and the ‘third eye.’ The pineal gland has rods and
cones just like our seeing eyes do which could be the reason it is
called the ‘third eye.’ It is responsible for melatonin
production and governs our circadian rhythms, which regulates light
perception to regulate our light awake and dark sleep periods.
The pineal gland has always been a mystery and little has been said
about it in anatomy physiology books until recently. The tree of
life could represent the
arbor vitae’ which literally translates
the tree of life, in the cerebellum. It consists of bands of white
matter that forms a tree like appearance when it is cut in section.
The cerebellum is responsible for muscle activity in response from
higher centers.

November 8, 2013

Autumn, the Chinese Five Elements and Essential oils that Help Grief

The Chinese Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine relates to the rhythms of nature and reflects natural cycles. Seasons, elements, colours, sounds, organs, glands and emotions fall into five categories. It is the basis of all natural health practices and many medical, philosophical and artistic themes fit in to it.

The autumn season in the five elements is related to the metal element, because of its enduring qualities.


The constructive emotion for the rhythm of autumn is being reflective and pondering the past, which is necessary for learning lessons and figuring things out.
The destructive emotion of autumn is overbearing grief and sadness.
The sound that relieves the stress of grief and sadness is crying.
Being reflective for too long in the past will lead to grief and sadness.
The trees in autumn change brilliant colours before shedding their leaves, like a parade of tears that fall celebrating what once was.


“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not a mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.”~Washington Irving

Crying flushes unhealthy bacteria out of the body and strengthens the immune system while relieving stress. It is healthier to embrace the motion of emotions. To be moved profoundly and to feel the depths of our own well is to be quenched.

It is a natural process to mourn for lost loved ones, it is a measurement of love. It reminds us what really matters, and what is important to us. There is no right way or wrong way to grieve, but being reflective too long on the past and pining away upsets a balanced life. It is stress relieving to grieve, but when it interferes with life it becomes destructive. Grief may never go away and that is understandable, but it must not become an unhealthy attachment to death. The cycle must not get stuck and be crippling. Learn to flow with the tides.

To manage grief one must look at the bigger picture beyond the cycle of rebirth and death, and an acceptance mixed with a deeper understanding must be reached. Find gratitude and a sense of meaning by embracing the whole picture. One must rise and fall with the cycle of seasons, especially upon completion.
Bringing yourself back into the present moment helps to overcome grief, but only after it has been sifted through and cherished. Being sad upon reflection provides an honest look at ourselves and others. A kind understanding is helpful to gain insights in order to grow.

Be reflective without falling in to a perpetual grief pattern by learning to accept change. Let go of the past that does not serve you any purpose anymore. Live in the present moment and savour all the aspects of life. Learn to adapt to change and harness the hard lessons of letting go. Use wisdom to filter the good and bad, learn from it, make peace and move on. Dealing with death and the little deaths that happen ironically reminds us to appreciate life.

The organs systems that are impacted are the lungs and large intestine, which is part of the respiratory and digestive system.
Remember to breathe deep and eat healthy during tough times.

Essential oils to help alleviate grief:
Good partner combinations
basil and bergamot, frankincense and neroli, marjoram and lavender, eucalyptus and mandarin


September 22, 2013

Equinox, Solstice, Essential oils and the Five Elements


In the Chinese Five elements the cycle of equinox and solstice rules the earth element, because it marks the times of transition in between the changing seasons. The transition time lasts two weeks before, and two weeks after the solstice or equinox. This is a separate time period that when calculated together makes up a season of its own. The change of season and transition times may leave us susceptible to getting colds and feeling rundown. Extra nutrition and rest help us through these tough transitional times.
Two weeks before the autumn equinox is when school is back and projects and routines rule. People start referring to it as the end of summer, and the change of season is upon us.
Any transition requires extra nourishment and rest. Taking care of yourself first will help, especially when you are taking care of others. It is like when you are flying in a plane. Turbulence strikes and the oxygen mask drops, and you have to put on your own mask first before you help others who need assistance with their masks.


In the Chinese Five elements the destructive emotion is worry, while the constructive emotion is compassion. Compassion can involve legitimate concern, but when concern becomes overwhelming it can turn into mindless worry. Worry usually involves things that are beyond our control.
Stay compassionate instead of worrying and becoming apathetic by knowing your boundaries and limits. Avoid playing the morbid martyr by loving yourself and others unconditionally. It is important to stay grounded during times of transition. There are legitimate concerns and need to plan for the future, but don’t get overwhelmed by things out of your control. Bring yourself back to the present moment. Concentrate on being in the eye of the hurricane, the centre of the wheel in the tornado. Finding order within yourself while chaos is all around you takes quite a balancing act.
The sound that relieves the stress of worry is singing.
Singing alleviates worry and listening to music and dancing of course realigns us with our joy. Let the music speak for itself … don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright, and don’t worry be happy.

If you tend to worry too much make a special time period to focus on worries. Take at least fifteen minutes to write down and sort your worries in categories of what you can control, and what you can’t. Problem solve by writing down solutions, goals, and then take whatever steps necessary to alleviate worries.

The organ systems involved are the stomach, spleen.

The spleen organ is considered the nurse of the body, because it works with the immune system and makes antibodies, which are proteins that bind to foreign particles so that white blood cells can destroy it. It is one of the main filters of blood, and plays a major part in removing harmful bacteria and abnormal cells, and makes new blood cells.
During times of transition it is important to get extra rest and nutrition to help build immunity and soothe away stomach worry.

Essential oils to help alleviate worry:
Ginger and peppermint, coriander and lime, cinnamon and clove, palmarosa and orange


August 29, 2013

Meridians Are Proven Physical Pathways

I have been in so many car accidents (and no I wasn’t the one driving) I probably wouldn’t be walking if it wasn’t for yoga, shiatsu massage and acupuncture.
If you have read my blog on comparing natural health therapies you know that Shiatsu is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine
The body has several energy systems mapped by ancient sages that are recognized in cultures from around the world.

Shiatsu is an ancient massage therapy that has a lot of empirical and documented evidence. Massage therapies have been proven to give benefits to many ailments. The lymphatic system in our body can only be moved by exercise, stretching or massage, so massage is important for people that don’t get exercise for whatever reason.

Shiatsu is acupressure, which uses the hands instead of the needles of acupuncture to follow the same meridian energy pathways.

The meridian system is like an “energy bloodstream” and the pressure points or “hot spots” are tiny reservoirs of electromagnetic energy. Science states that everything is made up of energy including us.

The body is electromagnetic in nature. The heart system runs on an electric current system. The body is magnetic, just like the magnetic properties shown in animals to help navigate, migrate and connect with the earth.
These electromagnetic points are stimulated with hands, fingers, elbows or needles to release and balance the flow of energy, while giving the immune system a boost. The immune reaction induces self-healing mechanisms, while relieving congestion and blocks that cause pain.

The meridians are really one long energy highway that moves through the twelve organ systems, and have now been detected by modern technology.

Recent CT scans show acupuncture points just like ancient maps show.
Radioactive isotopes have been injected in acupuncture points that show threadlike tubules 0.5-1.5 microns in diameter and matched ancient meridian maps.
These meridian transmissions of light have also shown up in infrared photography as “hot spots” that match the acupuncture points on the meridians.

There are two other meridians that zip up the centre line of the body, front and back. They open more out to the environment than the deeper running meridians that travel through muscle and organ groups. The organ/ meridian systems are paired in the Philosophy of the Chinese Five Elements to show the dynamic connected relationships in the body.

I find all massage techniques really beneficial along with the healing power of touch. While other massages are mostly skin contact, shiatsu is done through a sheet or in comfortable fitting clothes if you prefer not to have skin on skin contact.

To balance your meridians you can learn to trace your own meridians and hold, tap and massage pressure points or get an acupuncture or acupressure shiatsu massage.

I wish you much healing on your journey.

  • 20130829-163653.jpg


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    June 27, 2013

    How to Keep the Summertime Passion Without the Panic

    It is summer time here in the Northern hemisphere.


    In the Chinese Five Elements summer represents the most abundant time in nature and therefore houses the most organ meridian systems. In nature the cycle of summer rules the fire element because it is the hottest time in the cycle of seasons.


    Summer is a hot, passionate time so the heart and the pericardium which is the sac that encases and protects the heart fall into this category.
    Other organ meridian systems in this summer fire category are sex organs, the circulatory system which involves circulation, and the triple heater or burner as it is called is the immune, endocrine and nervous systems. The triple burner is an energy system in itself and it involves the upper, lower, and middle sections of the body making summer an important rhythm to understand. If the triple burner, meaning the immune, endocrine or nervous system is compromised it will have a negative impact on other organ system rhythm cycles and therefore affects the health of the whole body. The gland that is in this category is the pituitary gland, which is the master control panel for hormones.

    Sometimes human characteristics will match the season element and are displayed in the way people walk and talk. People in the rhythm of summer have the mannerisms of being flamboyant, outgoing, and display an abundance of energy, spirit and passion. They are quick in pace, fast talkers with rapid fire movements and thoughts that make them dynamic and very attractive.

    The human time frame is youth, but age is not really a consideration it is just the best example of when innocence and care-free times reign in excess. This rhythm involves all matters of the heart. The constructive side is loving and balanced without cheating, possessiveness or jealousy. The destructive side is that people mistake infatuation for love, and the constant need for good times may easily lead to addictions. All addictions and addictive behaviour fall into this category. Allergies are grouped in this category because all allergies involve immune imbalance.

    The constructive emotion passion and joyful exuberance turns quickly to the destructive emotion panic and hysteria when there are no discerning boundaries or organization. People in this rhythm need to set priorities and healthy boundaries and make it a point to organize because over commitment may lead them to burnout or carve out negative destructive habits.


    The imbalances in the summer season fire element affect the organ systems that are grouped in this category ; the heart, small intestine, sex organs, and nervous, immune and endocrine systems. The pathology of conditions that involve these organs include heart conditions, anxiety, insomnia, IBS, small intestine digestive problems, endocrine imbalances, autoimmune disorders and sexual issues. Heart attacks or heart problems show themselves more in the summertime.
    Some symptoms that fall into this category are profuse sweating, a red-faced complexion, and aversion to heat or a feeling of being too hot.

    In this summer rhythm it is good to nourish the heart and the other organs mentioned in this rhythm with a proper diet with whole natural foods and herbs.

    Laughter is the constructive sound of this rhythm. It has been well documented that laughter eases stress. Laughter increases the activity of antibodies by 20% which help attack tumours and viruses. It is not about covering up issues with laughter but using laughter to ease stress on the body while getting a clearer perspective on problem solving.


    “As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it.” Lao Tzu

    The Chinese Five Elements is a very easy tool to use and is the basis for all energy work, martial arts, acupuncture, shiatsu, feng shui, natural therapies and has been used in all kinds of categories from cooking to astrology to military. The natural therapies of reflexology, energy exercises, Aromatherapy using designated essential oils will help manage stress while self-cultivating, changing habit field patterns and getting to the root of key issues.
    Understanding your feelings and how it relates to your body in these rhythms helps to identify areas that need focus to balance health.

    What season are you in?

    Excerpts from: Essential Oils and the Five Elements: Easing Emotional Overload with Aromatherapy and Reflexology

    Fire Summer Theme: Abundance and transformation

    Human cycle: Youth/ Teen

    Meridian/Organ systems: Summer Fire element displays the most abundant amount of organ systems/meridians:

    Heart, pericardium, small intestine, (triple burner) – immune, nervous, endocrine,

    sex organs, circulation,

    Yang organs are small intestine,

    Triple burner/warmer/heater (immune, endocrine, nervous systems)

    Yin organs are the Heart, Circulation, sex organs, pericardium

    Emotion: Joy, happiness, passion

    that can turn to panic, anxiety, hysteria, mood swings, and confusion

    Warrior movement: rapid fire, everywhere at once, flurry of activity, random, rising, flowing

    Animal: Dragon. Fighting style is strong against Tiger, weak against Leopard.

    SEASON: Summer
    CLIMATE: Heat
    ORGANS: Small intestine, heart, pericardium/ circulation/ sex organs, Triple burner
    GLAND: Pituitary
    COLOUR: Red
    FLAVOUR: Bitter
    FLUID: Perspiration
    SENSE: Touch
    TISSUES: Blood vessels
    EMOTION: Joy, happiness, passion that can turn to panic, anxiety
    SOUND: Laughing

    Anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic. ~Anais Nin

    October 10, 2012

    Infinity Symbol

    The Infinity Symbol∞

    In mathematics the sideways figure
    eight ∞ translates as infinite. It is the infinity

    In the Orient this spiral
    symbol is the Tibetan energy ring. 

     In yogic tradition it is
    the two curving lines called kundalini that encase the
    chakras. The lines are represented by two animals usually
    snakes, serpents, peacocks or elephants with their trunks
    raised reaching up to a sundisk or winged object and
    represents energy rising.

    In Western culture the two serpents crossing up a middle staff with wings on the top represents the
    symbol for medical institutions called the caduceus. 


    Also called the Celtic weave, because it resembles the old Celtic weave drawings of the infinity
    sign, it is also represented by the symbol of the serpent
    eating its tail (known as the ourobouros) as a variation. The
    Ourobouros is a sacred circle that represents a single cell in the
    body or a symbol of life. 

    The cell divides into the vesica
    pisces which is two circles that represent the infinity
    Rhythmic figure eights are the spiral
    fractals of our body that weave energies together right down to
    representing the prototype for DNA

    The circle with a twist is an infinity sign. 


    Tracing the infinity Sign with body and mind helps to integrate the two hemispheres of the brain.  It is a very
    healing symbol to trace and draw it with both hands and air draw with all limbs. This symbol
    helps hook up energies and speeds healing. Trace this symbol
    for healing and integrating energy.

    Excerpt from the
    book Energy Medicine “The body’s energies spin, spiral, curve,
    twist, crisscross, and weave themselves into patterns of
    magnificent beauty. The equilibrium of this kaleidoscope of colors
    and shapes is maintained by an energy system known by different
    names to energy healers throughout the world. In the East, it has
    been called the “Tibetan energy ring.” In yoga tradition, it is
    represented by two curved lines that cross seven times,
    symbolically encasing the seven chakras. In the West, it is seen in
    the caduceus, the intertwined serpents on a staff—also crossing
    seven times—associated initially with the Greek god Hermes, messenger for the gods, and
    later used as a symbol in alchemy and then medicine. Like invisible
    threads that keep all the energy systems
    functioning as a single unit, patterns network throughout and
    around our energy and body. These patterns also become embedded in
    fields of thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, as
    well as physcial, biological patterns. It is a living system,
    continually weaving new cross-overs, ever expanding and
    contracting. The double helix of DNA is this pattern in microcosm.
    These crisscrossing energies permeating your body are the ‘connective
    tissue’ of your energy system.” Donna Eden- Energy

    October 3, 2012

    The Five Elements


    Classical elements are ancient groupings of elements.

    The grouping usually consists of five elements, and mirrors the natural rhythms and cycles of nature and relates them with the temperaments of human beings. The philosophy of the five elements is that everyone travels through these 5 rhythms/elements, just like nature journeys through the changing seasons.

    The 5 Classical Elements serve their purpose by being used as a tool to decipher emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, philosophical, and medical states of being. The philosophy has also been incorporated into cooking, Feng Shui, interior design and all aspects of life and creation.

    Each element associates with a variety of principles including:

    body organs, emotions, seasons, climate, sense organs, flavours, colours, etc.

    They are all connected in a cyclical interaction of generation and destruction, which balances life.

    In ancient Greece the classical elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether/Spirit.

    This combination of elements form special relationships that are also reflected in Hindu and Buddhism philosophy, with the only exception being the name for Ether is Akasha and so on.

    Possessing the same meanings, but labelled with different names, show the same Tibetan and Japanese Classical Elements. The only exception being the name for Ether is Sky/Void /Space/ Heaven, which gives further insight into the meaning of the illusive element Ether.

    The Chinese 5 Classical Elements created by Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner’s around 3000 B.C. show a more physical nature consisting of:

    Water, Earth, Fire, and replacing Air and Ether are the more tangible material elements Wood and Metal.


    This model serves as a diagnostic tool basis for acupuncture, and other medical and energetic foundations.

    The Chinese Elements are also known as the five movements, the five phases or the five laws of change.

    From my e-book:  Essential Oils and the Five Elements

    October 3, 2012

    The History of the Aura in Art and Photography


    The rainbow around our body.

    The aura is a protective energy field that emanates around us and connects to the
    chakras. That is why the aura is sometimes called the eighth chakra. This shifting shield of light is as unique as we are. The aura can change size, shape and colour depending on mood, sound, frequencies, environment, and reflects physical, mental and spiritual health.

    The word aura originated from the Latin word
    aurea which means golden. It represents a
    symbol of transcendental divinity, holiness and has a long history
    of being depicted in art, particularly around religious figures.
    Earlier depictions of the aura were known as the halo or corona.
    The corona is the halo around the sun, and its rays of light
    represented Gods like the Greek Sun God Apollo.

    Ancient Egyptians
    wore headdresses to show this corona in the physical material
    sense. This is where the crown symbol has come from, designated for
    royalty. The crown which symbolizes figureheads or god-like humans
    is the halo aura power symbol of divine nature, and means
    transcendence from ordinary existence.

    In religious paintings of the aura, called aureole, early depictions display rays of white light or had rainbow shadings. The coloured auras gold or blue indicated
    celestial glory  during the Renaissance Era.

    The Italian Aura version called the Mandorla, meaning almond-shaped, indicates the in-between middle shape of the Vesica piscis symbol, that happens when two circles overlap. It represents the Virgin Mary and the birth of Christ. The painted auras had multi-layers of colours encased around the person. Rare occasions showed 7 doves, indicating the 7 gifts of the Holy Ghost, in 7 coloured layers.

    A square halo around the head in art indicated an earth element, and
    usually distinguished the living from the saints.

    A triangle halo represented the trinity, used to represent God the father, as well
    as the son and the Holy Ghost, which is the feminine mother.

    A cruciform nimbus is three rays of light that form a nimbus halo, which is a cross within a circle referring to the redemption through the cross of Christ. This is an ancient symbol of a compass for travellers.

    Hexagonal nimbus represented the persons having allegorical virtues.

    The circular halo is the most popular, which reflects the circle of sun rays. All halo shapes express exalted states of divinity, holiness and transcendental power.

    The rainbow and auras are more common in Eastern art than in
    Western art. In Eastern art it is not mandatory that spiritual
    beings have an aura, and everyone had an aura.

    In the Sacred Art of Tibet the aura and people are inseparable, and the outermost layer usually has the 7 colours of the rainbow.

    The first known photograph of the aura is from the 1890’s by electrical engineer
    and pioneer inventor Nikola Tesla. Tesla used a device that
    attached to the body that was able to photograph the bio-electric
    energy field around the body and fingertips.

    Soviet studies of documenting energy fields around living things date back to 1939,
    when Semyon Kirlian, an electrician, who was working at a hospital
    in Krasnodar discovered that the energy flowing between the
    physiotherapy machine he had repaired and the patients skin could
    be photographed. He fixed his hand to a photographic plate with an
    electrode and pulled the switch. He burned his hand but managed to
    capture on film the aura energy imprint around his hand. Along with
    the help of his wife Valentina, he developed Kirlian photography
    devices to capture this mysterious energy field. Kirlian
    photography has 14 Soviet patents, and is based on directing a high
    frequency electrical field that oscillates 75000-200 000 times a
    second, which then captures the bio-plasma field that surrounds our
    body and puts it on photography paper. There were now patterns and
    correlations of auric energy captured through this electric body

    Auras are for protection and communication. The size depends on personal vitality. Just like the rainbow in the sky, the rainbow around our body is a mysterious natural phenomenon, and one that we can tune into, if we are only conscious of it.

    Activities that promote a healthy aura are:

    meditation, a healthy diet, yoga, chakra clearing, visualization,
    scanning the aura, and achieving moderation in all activities.


    My aura captured by First Star which is a form of
    Kirlian photography. Symbols and spirit lights sometime show up but
    not for everyone.  Right before this picture was taken I
    called to the angels to protect me in the four corners and four
    spirit lights showed up. Thank you angels.

    Although auras have every colour of the rainbow, Kirlian aura
    photography acts as a biofeedback mechanism with colours and
    symbols acting as guidance and feedback for us, like a reflection
    in the mirror.

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    September 24, 2012

    Autism and Nutrition

    Autism, often called a spectrum disorder because of its varying degrees of severity,  affects millions of people worldwide, most of them male. The autism label came from American psychiatrist Leo Kanner in 1943. On the autistic spectrum there are ‘higher functioning’ individuals as in Asperger’s syndrome, and savants, who have “special talents.”

    The developmental disabilities of Autism impact the individuals’ communication capabilities, resulting in characteristic repetitious body movements, language skill problems, and creates many challenges. There are learning disabilities, hyperactivity, allergies and obsessive behaviour associated with this disorder. In the 1950s parents were blamed for not giving the child enough love.

    This CBC documentary ‘The Autism Enigma’ on the “Nature of Things” explores the causes of autism gathered from the latest research. In Somalia there is no such thing as autism yet when Somali people move to North America the rate of Autism skyrockets. Autism rates are almost non-existent in Amish and Mennonite communities which live off of the land. Autism rates are higher in cities than in rural country counterparts finally leading to the conclusion that the cause of autism is from toxicity, pollution and poor standard American diet.

    Recent evidence suggests that autistic children have a higher than average need for nutrients, due to digestive imbalances that affect absorption of nutrients.[1] Food refusal (a common behavior) and food sensitivities (often an unnoticed problem), puts the group at further risk of nutritional deficiency. Skin conditions are very common along with salt and sugar cravings. Skin conditions are symptoms of allergies. Eliminate allergies so that improvement can take place.

    Researchers have found that psychoactive peptides from improperly digested casein and gluten based foods affect brain function negatively in people with autism. Supplement with digestive enzymes like pancreatin,  or take plant enzymes like bromelain and papain before meals to aid digestion, or eat pineapple or papaya where these enzymes come from.

    Probiotics are also beneficial for digestion because they add healthy flora.  Improving digestive functioning is crucial while detoxifying other organ systems like the pancreas, kidneys, immune, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Eliminating gluten, dairy and other dietary allergies, intolerances and sensitivities helps take the burden off the immune system and improves symptoms. Toxic bacteria in the digestion tract has a toxic impact on the brain. This area of research holds a promising result.

    There have been a number of studies linking improved nutritional intake with alleviating the symptoms of autism. Vitamin B6 (pyroxidine) and Magnesium have improved the condition in half the studies.[1] Speech and language improved with pyroxidine, and Magnesium reduced the side effects from the vitamin B6, improving overall condition.[2] Magnesium is relaxing to the nervous system, helps with glucose metabolism assisting the pancreas, and aids detoxification. Vitamin B complex helps metabolism, hyperactivity, nervous disorders and aids gut health.  Vitamin B6 is particularly important for amino acid metabolism in the central nervous system. Its metabolic functions include maintaining sodium balance, facilitating the release of glycogen, hemoglobin synthesis and regulating the electrical balance of the heart, nerves and musculoskeletal systems. The best way to get nutrients is through the diet, but if this is difficult take supplements. Pill supplements are harder to absorb than liquid or powder supplements that turn in to a liquid.

    Allergy regulator histamine, neurotransmitters acetylcholine and norepinephrine stress hormones all depend on pyroxidal-5-phosphate, an active coenzyme form of B6, in their metabolism.[3]B6 helps break down amino acids including the brains conversion of tryptophan to serotonin. Serotonin has a tranquil effect on mood and sleep, so it is helpful with hyperactivity.

    Supplement essential amino acid L-tryptophan is a precursor that converts to serotonin and melatonin in the body also elevating these hormones.  A pharmaceutical drug prescribed for autism is Haloperidol (Haldol). This drug interferes with function of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine exhibits anti-depressant, and mild antioxidant actions that help with loss of motor control. The supplement amino acid L-tyrosine increases dopamine as well, but a broader scope of treatment is advised.

    Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are not made by the body and are introduced in the diet.   Omega-3, Omega-6 EFA’s aid healthy growth and nourish of nerve, blood vessels and skin. EFA’s, also known as vitamin F, can increase immunity, insulin sensitivity, and decrease stress, bad cholesterol and toxicity. EFA’s also act on prostaglandins, which increase output of digestive secretions and helps smooth muscle control. They also act on histamine, which is helpful for inflammation and allergies. Also for allergies and impaired immune function, Vitamin C and E are helpful antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage and boost immunity. Vitamin C in powder form works the best.

    EFA’s would also address the skin rashes some autistics suffer from.  Hemp seed and chia seeds are good vegetarian sources of EFA’s to merge in the diet.

    Supplements can help balance blood glucose levels, detoxify and regulate the nervous, immune, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

    Nutritional supplementation has helped in some studies, but improve digestive absorption first with herbal tonics and diet changes, and  eliminate food sensitivities before vitamins and supplements can work optimally. Although complex, as each case has its unique challenges, a joint approach using herbal tonics with dietary change and supplements that all promote detoxification is the ideal protocol. Explore Energy medicine to help with motor skills and to help release the pent-up stress hormones that happens when the body is not functioning correctly.

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