Herbal Therapeutics Glossary

Definitions of Therapeutic Properties:

Analgesic/Anodyne– relieves pain

Anthelmintic– expels parasites/ parasitic intestinal worms

Antiallergenic- treats allergies/ hypersensitivities

Antiarthritic- treats arthritis

Antibacterial– reduces/kills bacteria

Anticatarrhal– reduces catarrh build-up

Antidepressant- treats depression

Antiemetic– treats vomiting

Antifungal– reduces/kills fungal infections

Anti-hepatotoxic/Anti-hepato-protectors- protect and nourish the liver

Anti-infective– treats infections

Anti-inflammatory– reduces inflammation

Antilithic– prevents or helps to flush out stones

Anti-mutagenic- reduces the rate of mutation

Anti-neoplastic- treats cancer or neoplasm

Anti-nephrotoxic- nourishes and protects the kidneys

 Antioxidants- anti-aging constituents that reduces oxidation and break-down

of cells, nourishes and protects cells,

Antiparasitic-reduces/kills parasites

Antispasmodic– reduces spasms

Anti-tussive– reduces coughing

Antiviral– reduces/kills viruses

Aperative– stimulates appetite

Aphrodisiac– promotes sexuality

Astringent– tightens tissues

Bronchodilator- dilates bronchi

Cardiac– heart tonic

Carminative– relieves intestinal flatulence/gas

Cholagogue– promotes bile flow

Choleretic- enhances bile quality

Counter-irritant– irritates to improve blood flow

Decongestant– relieves fluid congestion

Demulcent– moistens/ soothes mucous membranes

Detoxicant– clears toxins

Diaphoretic– promotes sweating

Diuretic– improves/ promotes urination

Emetic– causes vomiting

Emmenagogue– balances/influences female cycle

Emollient– soothes and moistens skin

Expectorant– promotes phlegm expulsion

Febrifuge– reduces fever

Galactagogue– promotes milk flow

Haemostatic– stops bleeding

Hepatic- treats liver

Hypertensive- increases blood pressure

Hypnotic- calms mind and spirit

Hypocholesterolemic- lowers bad cholesterol

Hypoglycemiant- lowers blood sugar

Hypolipidemic- lowers bad blood fats

Hypotensive– lowers/reduces blood pressure

Laxative– promotes gentle bowel movement

Mucolytic- softens hardened respiratory/ intestinal mucus

Nervine– works on the nervous system

Parturient– promotes labour

Relaxant– promotes relaxation

Rubefacients– causes skin reddening to promote blood perfusion

Sedative– reduces activity, calming to the nervous system

Stimulant– increases activity

Styptic– stops bleeding through topical application

Tonic- restores and strengthens

Vasodilator– expands blood vessels

Vermifuge- expels intestinal worms such as tapeworm

Vulnerary– promotes tissue repair





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