Types of Herbal Preparations:



Herbal Liquids


Herbs taken medicinally are more effective in liquid forms


Herbal liquid forms such as teas and tinctures are more bio-available, meaning that they absorb better and faster into the body

It is very important to taste the herbs to stimulate desired physiological actions.

Herbs are medicinal food and each taste stimulates a desired reaction.  

Liquid preparations soothe inflamed mucous membranes, and can coat a sore throat bringing relief.

Liquid allows for herbs and inflamed parts of the body to have the most contact, in order to get the most benefits out of their anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and other healing properties.   


Herbal Liquid Types: 

Herbal extracts, tinctures are herbs that have been steeped in various liquid mediums such as water, alcohol, glycerin, vinegar, honey, oils.

Herbs are left to stew for a time period such as a month, roots and fibrous barks are sometimes left longer. The liquid is strained away and separated from the plant material. 

*Any type of drinkable alcohol can be used: wines, sake, brandy, vodka, ethanol-dilute with water  


True Tea is the well known popular beverage black tea, mate and green tea which all come from the same plant Camellia sinesis. This is the only true group of teas. The green tea is steam dried fresh and the black tea is left to ferment and age.


Herbal Teas aka Tisanes, Infusions: are herbal infusions in water. In cold water infusion the herbs are steeped longer, sometimes overnight.  In warm water infusion the water should be kept simmering and not boiling. A lid is important to keep the aromatic essential oil content from evaporating. The aroma is the essential oils so smell and breathe in the steam.


Decoctions: are simmered longer in order to break down woodier shrub contents like roots, rhizomes, wood, bark, nuts, and seeds.


Herbal pills and tablets are NOT as bioavailable as liquid, meaning that they don’t absorb as well, or as fast into the body.

Pills contain unhealthy binders, and most herbal pill casings are not vegetarian because they contain gelatin, an animal source and are not kosher

Pills can be hard to swallow and hard to digest. If this is a problem, switch to powders that dissolve into a liquid, which is better for absorption.

Processed preparations may cause essential oils in herbs to dissipate, and you can’t taste the herbs in pill form which  impair results.



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