Goldenrod is Falsely Blamed for Allergies

Many people blame goldenrod for their allergies and dread seeing the tall golden plumage bloom in late summer, but goldenrod is not wind-pollinated. Most people who blame goldenrod for their allergies are really allergic to ragweed. It blooms at the same time, but is smaller and has unnoticeable greenish flowers that are wind-pollinated and often grows underneath or near goldenrod.

Goldenrod is one of the best urinary tonics and is useful in those conditions that require a diuretic, like water retention, edema, congestion, inflammation and infection of the urinary tract and gout rheumatic conditions. There are over 30 species in Ontario and other hybrids sub-species but all of them are used in the same way. Goldenrod is native to Canada and the Solidago canadensis is the standard herb of use. Flowers were also used to make a yellow dye as well as herbal medicinal use as a tea or tincture in which case the fresh is superior to the dried versions. There is goldenrod essential oil as well used for the same purposes and helps reduce water retention and swelling externally.

Common Name Goldenrod herb
Latin Name Solidago canadensis spp.
Family Asteraceae
Parts Used Perennial- pick top 30% herb/ flower-late summer August
Target Organs urinary, skin, lymph, immune, digestion
Common Uses kidney bladder prostate tonic, infections, gout, oedema, external wounds, vascular tonic, UTI, kidney stones, inflammation infection of urinary tract, upper respiratory catarrh, gargle, laryngitis
Properties urinary kidney prostate tonic, diuretic, astringent, antiseptic, antioxidant, vulnerary, Antifungal, styptic, lymphatic, anticatarrhal, diaphoretic
Constituents Essential Oil, flavonoids, tannins, bitter, saponins
Cautions mild remedy do not take during pregnancy. Use in formulations of up to 20% continuous use of no more than 2-3 months
Dosage Tincture: 2-4ml Tea: 2-3 tsp 10-15 min fresh is preferred



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