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March 13, 2012

Unhealthy Oils and Fats

Unhealthy Edible Oils and Fats

Hydrogenated oils: Hydrogenation is an industrial manmade process that turns liquid oil into a semi-solid.  

Margarine: made from hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils which make it spreadable for convenience sake, margarine remains semi-solid at room temperature and is spreadable even when refrigerated. Margarine is a new food and they dyed it yellow at first to distinguish it from butter.

Hydrogenated oils and trans-fats destroy healthy cells to the point where exercise and diet change cannot repair it. Always avoid because these fats raise bad cholesterol, cause serious cardiovascular disease, obesity, and are carcinogenic. The body does not know how to process these processed oils because the chemical structure has changed and it turns toxic and permanently destroys cells.

There have been tests done where people have put out butter and margarine and ants, bugs and animals do not touch the margarine and eat the butter instead. You decide.

Saturated Fats

Animal Saturated Fats: beef, pork, lamb, poultry,

Eating a lot of animal saturated fats like lard, chicken and beef fat is implicated in serious cardiovascular disease, obesity, bad cholesterol, and cancer.

Dairy saturated Fats: yogurt, butter, cheese, milk

There are lots of dairy low-fat varieties available today, but these foods should still be moderated. Dairy is a serious allergen that affects over half of the world’s population. Many people remain unaware of their dairy allergy and put up with digestive symptoms.

Yogurt: Don’t be fooled by yogurt that contains sugar, gelatin, additives and thickeners. For a healthier choice strain plain yogurt and add your own fruit.

Butter: Butter blended with 50% olive oil is a healthier choice than hydrogenated margarines.

Milk: There are many varieties of milk; the milk with the highest saturated fat content is whole cow’s milk and cream. Seed and nut milks like almond milk are a better choice. Coconut water is very healthy.

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